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Why I Went Android

My goal here is to be objective on technology. Part of the reason I went Android is to fully immerse myself into all things Android. I’ve spent 6 years in the iPhone world so I figured a little change up is good. That being said I do see pluses and minuses in
Android already.

Plus side is it gives you more freedom to change the look of your home screen, change a default on a texting or browser app to another one and so forth. On the down side is OS update schedules. With iPhone when Apple releases an iOS upgrade, it pretty much works on any iPhone or iPad that’s on any carrier. Not so much with Android, for example the Samsung Galaxy S4 is running Jelly Bean 4.3 but a Moto X or Nexus 5 will be running Kit Kat 4.4. Even then when one phone gets an update on one carrier the same model on a different carrier won’t get it at the same time.

Now, obviously this may not be such a big deal to a lot of folks but for someone like me that likes to have the latest OS, it can be. That being said it is not a deal breaker for me. A lot of this has to do with the OS developed by Google, working with devices made by multiple manufacturers to support multiple carriers. This leads to a lot of logistical issues as you can imagine where on the Apple side the OS and hardware are made by the same company allowing it to be more uniform, but controlled at the same time.

So with all this in mind I have been enjoying my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I am learning a lot about the Google and Android world that I never knew before. It will be an interesting journey.


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